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Our Mission

Natural Produce For the Masses

Our mission at SHEMPS Farm is twofold: First, we strive to provide a farm market for the local residents of Bellefonte and Central PA where they can enjoy fresh grown, high quality fruits, produce, and other specialty items. Secondly, we make it a rule to only partake in sustainable & responsible farming in order to lower our impact on the environment. Our Family Farm grows delicious farm-to-table ingredients for  you and your family's next meal. 

About Us: Mission
Combine Harvester on Field

Our Story

Since 2019 we’ve been growing our farm to provide fresh, local produce to the people of Central PA. SHEMPS Farm was created from a reestablishment of family roots in the Happy Valley. The Broker family established this farm in order to make a lasting impact on this area. Creating healthy and sustainable growth to provide our families with the best, most natural produce and fruits. We love opening our season with beautifully vibrant, greenhouse grown flowers for all. Our greenhouses stay operational most of the year, with our end goal being 'All-Year', in order to provide fresh, local fruits beyond their regular seasons. Experience the difference SHEMPS Farm makes.


Come by and enjoy our amazing products as well as events and activities all year long. Read on to learn more about our operations, products and activities.

About Us: Our Farm


Steve Broker

Founding Father

Steve is an alum of Penn State University and always enjoyed the natural beauty of the Pennsylvania valleys. After a long career as a petroleum engineer, Steve spends his retirement growing this family farm into the community of Bellefonte and Happy Valley. Through the help of his family, Steve is creating a place to bring his family, and families like his, together.

Morgan Broker

Farm Supervisor

Morgan is Steve's oldest son and calls Downingtown, PA his birthplace. He is a classically trained pianist and well-established artist that has performed across the nation. Morgan returns to Pennsylvania to grow SHEMPS into a long-lasting piece of the community.

Harrison Broker

Account Manager

Harrison is Steve's youngest son and established Filmmaker. He works alongside his father & brother in facilitating the growth of SHEMPS. Harrison manages the technical side of the farm and keeps the books in order for SHEMPS when he's not in the field.

Paul Broker

Grounds Keeper

Paul is Steve's father and has joined his family in growing SHEMPS late in his retirement. He lends a hand to Steve and Morgan in the fields. Paul keeps a watchful eye on all of SHEMPS to ensure a strong foundation at this family farm.

Sandie Broker

Event Manager

Sandie is Steve's wife of over 30 years and biggest supporter of SHEMPS. When she is not keeping the family together she is planning events for SHEMPS and the surrounding community. Sandie keeps the teams morale high and smiles on everyone's faces.

About Us: Team Members
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