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Season 2022

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Mid-April to July

Fresh Flowers &
Veg Starters

SHEMPS Greenhouses are full of fresh potted flowers, hanging baskets, and vegetable & fruit starters. Some varieties include: Petunias, Geraniums, Marigolds, Tomatoes, Herbs, Hot & Sweet Peppers, Strawberries and more!

Ask us about growing something for you!

May to October

Hand-Picked Produce

SHEMPS Gardens start to yield fresh produce like Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Peppers, Peas, Spinach, and Herbs, plus many more!

Ask us about our sculpted vegetables!

Early July

Steve's Sweet Corn

Our founder's favorite vegetable to eat and to grow in our SHEMPS fields: Sweet Corn

Ask us about bulk purchasing for your business!

August to October

Fall Favorites

The end of the season brings a variety of Melons, Squash, Pumpkins, Potatoes, and Indian Corn. We also have themed pumpkins.

Pre-order a Frankenstein or Skeleton Pumpkin!

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