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Pre-Order Pumpkins

SHEMPS is now offering our HALLOWEEN Molded Pumpkins for Pre-Order! We will be accepting reservations via the form below or through walk-ins at our Farm Market.

Due to limited supply, we can only accept a maximum of 3 pumpkins per order and pre-orders will be on a "first come, first serve" basis. Be one of the first to have a SHEMPS Halloween Molded Pumpkin in your home!


PICKUPS start near the end of September










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Please fill out the appropriate information below to place your order, and we will respond back with confirmation of receiving your pre-order.

Payment method
Thank you for your Pumpkin Pre-Order!

Terms & Conditions

1)  Reservations accepted on a "best efforts basis”  we anticipate being able to fill your reservation but there are no guarantees until we confirm your order and call you for a pick-up
2)  Reservations are filled on a first come first served schedule. We reserve the right to deny requests due to limited supply.

3) The color of the pumpkin can vary from Orange, White, Green, or Multicolor. The color will be chosen based on what is available at time of purchase and cannot be guaranteed.
4)  If we can not produce your desired pumpkin you will be offered a substitute of similar or what is  available at that time. We cannot guarantee number of pumpkins fit for sale and cannot guarantee the exact color.
5)  We will contact you (BOTH by phone and email)  when your pumpkin is ready. Please respond by either email, text or calling within 72 hours of first contact otherwise your reservation will be skipped.

6) Once you confirm with us upon contact, we will accept your payment over the phone to confirm your pickup.
6)  Pumpkins are a natural product and there will be some blemishes and skin defects that will vary with each pumpkin.  These are vegetables grown under difficult conditions and they do not turn out perfect every time.
7)  To preserve your pumpkin head we have applied rubbing alcohol on the outer skin of the pumpkin and this should ensure it lasts several weeks.  You will want to keep the head out of direct sunlight and not exposed to high temperatures.  DO NOT CONSUME/EAT THIS PUMPKIN !  There is no way to tell if the rubbing alcohol permeated through the skin and into the flesh of the fruit, if it has this can harm you if ingested.
8)  Do not penetrate the pumpkin head once it is received, as it will decay rapidly once the inside flesh is exposed to the atmosphere.  Carving out the eyes or head may sound like a good idea, and would look interesting, but it will cause your pumpkin head to rot within 8 hrs or so. It can not be resuscitated or refunded!

Order Form
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